Saturday, February 10, 2018

Alex Bowman's Newest Fans

Lisa Asselin with Alex Bowman
While their driver may not be a rookie, many of Alex Bowman's fans are new to cheering for him. Before subbing for an injured  Dale Earnhardt Jr in 2016, many fans had never heard the name Alex Bowman. Now they wait and wonder, is this kid really as great as Jr believes he is? Can he do what dale couldn't and get Rick Hendrick and Hendrick Motorsports a much deserved championship for the 88 car? A few weeks ago I talked to some of the original Alex Bowman fans, some who had cheered for him as he ripped his way across local and national tracks on his way to NASCAR and others, like myself who noticed him in his rookie year for BK Racing. Now lets meet his newest fans and see what drew them to Alex Bowman.

Jessica Hill, 20, has been a race fan since 2007. She's originally a Kevin Harvick fan, but says she first noticed Bowman "When he filled in for Dale Jr. I root for him as a “backup” when my driver isn’t doing the best at that moment"

"Alex has proven that he has earned a chance to drive the 88. I want his original fans to know
I will NEVER bash Alex online or in any way! He is very good- I like him"

Some of you may remember Jeni Harris from the Helio Castroneves fan story last year. It's been a tragic year for her drivers. First Castroneves moved to sports cars and then Matt Kenseth, her NASCAR driver, lost his ride and retired. I am proud to welcome her to Team Bowman though, as she has been a good Facebook friend to me for a few years now! Harris, who turns 46 next month has been a NASCAR fan since 1989. Though she was originally a Mark Martin fan, she moved on to cheering for Matt Kenseth and Carl Edwards when Martin retired.
"I first heard of Alex when he drove for BK Racing. I was really was impressed with him in the 88 in 2016 and how clean he raced Matt at Phoenix in that playoff race."

"Hendrick Motorsports made the right decision choosing Alex and hopefully they give him a shot to win some races this season!"

Do you think you can be as passionate about Alex Bowman as you were Matt Kenseth?

"Yes of course I can and I would love to meet him one day!"

Many of the new Bowman fans were Dale Earnhardt Jr fans, as with our next four fans.

Mary Rogers, 57, has been a fan of Nascar since the late 80s. " Jr was my driver! I have followed Bowman since he drove fo Jr, honestly, ever since Jr. retired I knew I had to make a decision, I have respect for all the drivers, after I seen him drive for Jr. it stuck in my gut and my gut is usually right! Hendrick made the right decision ! Bowman is cool, calm and there is a look in his eyes that tells me he can take Jr's. Place and get some wins! I plan to buy everything I can get my hands on of his I want the original fans to know I don’t bad mouth any drivers but my driver Alex Bowman will get my best words and I will be faithful ! It usually takes a couple of years for the experience they need and I will stand with him thru those years! Truthfully I hope I will grow to love him as a driver like I did Dale Jr. that grows as each season goes by."
Michael Ingersoll, 31, has been a fan of NASCAR since he was 7 "I was a Dale Jr fan and Alex filled in well for Jr when he was injured. I just want his original fans to know I plan to follow him for the rest of his career!"

 "My name is Jody Callaway, I'm 36 and have been following NASCAR since 2005. Dale Earnhardt Jr was my driver before Alex. I first heard of Alex when he was filling in for Jr when he was out with his concussion in 2016. Yes Hendrick made the right decision putting Alex in Jr's place! He did such a great job filling in for Jr, and I do believe hes gonna do a lot of good for Hendrick! I have not met and been able to buy any Alex merchandise yet, but my closet will definitely be full with his shirts very soon!"

Lisa Asselin being interviewed aabout
her tattoos
But of all of Bowman's new fans. one stands out above all the rest. She has been on Kelly Rigg's NASCAR News show talking about her tattoos With 11 tattoos dedicated to JR, it's easy to see why she is one of his, and NASCAR's most loyal fans. Meet Lisa Asselin.

"I am 47 years old. I have been a racing fan ever since I was 5 years old and started watching NASCAR on TV when Jeff Gordon made had his rookie season. When I first started watching NASCAR on TV my favorite driver was Dale Sr cause he reminded me of my local racing hero here in Maine named Homer Drew. He raced here in Maine at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway. Homer Drew and Dale Sr had the same attitude and racing styles on the track .I was following Dale Jr also before Dale SR died but when Dale SR died I knew he would want all of us racing fans to keep the sport alive and follow Dale Jr. I first heard of Alex Bowman when Dale JR was not racing because of a head injury. I was impressed with Alex Bowman on his performance taking over for Dale JR while he recovered and when I heard of Dale JR'S retirement I instantly thought Alex Bowman should be Dale JR's replacement driver. he deserves the ride cause of how well he drove when Dale JR was recovering....I just got my first Alex Bowman T-shirt for Christmas and looking forward to this season. I know Alex Bowman will make all of us Dale JR fans proud. I will always be a dedicated Earnhardt Fan but I am now a fan of Alex Bowman in 2018 racing season...GOOOO ALEX....."

With Daytona 8 days away, many of Jr's fans seem lost and heartbroken, but Asselin sums up her feelings best when she said, "I am a huge Dale Jr fan but just because he retired doesn't mean I will stop following NASCAR....A true NASCAR FAN will keep following!"

Old fans or new fans. In the end it doesn't really matter. We are all here because we love NASCAR 
and Alex Bowman! I can't predict what the future has in store for Alex Bowman, but I hope great things await. Bowman has the biggest heart of any driver out there. His true fans know success won't go to his head. Alex will always be Alex and that's the number one reason we cheer for him!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Alex Bowman's fan base. He has turned many heads and the eyes of NASCAR fans will all be on him when the green flag falls on Daytona February 18th!