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Austin Dillon fans: A Rare but Loyal Breed!

When I first started writing my Biggest fan stories, I stated that all drivers, both big names and the underdogs alike, had fans and my mission was to talk to those fans and find each driver's number one fan. Austin Dillon fans are hard to find! but as promised, I have found 2 of his fans to face off in trivia challenge! Afterall, only one can be crowned number one! Let the race begin!
in Our fans today are Kristi McConnell and Becky Edwards Answers will be color coded for you.

Tell me a little about yourself. Age State you live in, NASCAR races you attend. How long you have been a NASCAR fan and also how long you have cheered for Austin Dillon?

I'm Kristi, I'm 35 and live in Pennsylvania. I grew up around racing as my dad raced dirt cars at a local track every Saturday from April-October until I was 14. We pretty much scheduled our schedule around every NASCAR race, except Saturday night of course in which we tape them (ah the days of VHS tapes lol.) Only track I've ever been to is Richmond unfortunately

I'm  Becky
I'm 27 years old I live in Herndon, VA. My dad and I are season ticket holders for Bristol. I've been a NASCAR fan since age of 6 I have liked Austin since his truck days. Why I like Austin is since a young girl I was always a big Dale Earnhrdt fan and have always liked Childress so the number 3 has a special place in my hear. It the number that got me in to NASCAR.

Have you ever met Austin? What did you talk to him about and what was your impression of him?

Yes, I did! Got to meet him on September 6, 2013 in Richmond thanks to a former classmate who
happens to be married to a former RCR lead engineer! Austin was busy most of the day with practices and having his hands full with a bad handling car so he had meetings with his dad (Mike) and Richard Childress. Jeff (lead engineer) managed to get him to sneak him out to me so we could get pictures and sign stuff before the race. He also came up on top of the hauler during qualifying which was super cool since most drivers don't do that before that go out! We didn't talk about much just small talk, but he was so laid back and smiling the whole time!

I have met Austin numerous times he is always so friendly and I'm a personal fan of one of his teammates on the Xfinity side Brendan Guaghn. New comers to the sport should like Austin because he is one of the nicest and cleanest drivers out there and th history of what Childress has meant to the sport and the history of number 3.

Do you have any memorabilia or Austin related tattoos that help you stand out from other fans? You may also share a story if you wish to.

Oh my gosh, YES!! Lol. In 2012, Jenny (my former classmate) was hanging out with AD in his hauler before the race in Richmond ironically,and mentioned me. He had already known who I was (we follow each other on Twitter) and he decided to get an AdvoCare hat and postcard to sign so she could bring them to me!! Then of course I have the Pit Pass and that he signed for me when I went in 2013! I also collect 1:64th cars and have many other autographs from the time he was in trucks thru this year!!

In addition, he chose me to win his 1:24th scale signed replica dir
car during his, "12 Days of Christmas" giveaway on Twitter in 2014!

Since I have met Austin before I always ask or plan too is what is like driving the number 3 car since that has been part of your family forever.

What is special about Austin that made you into a fan?
He's not trying to be like Dale Earnhardt despite what everyone says people seem to forget he grew watching Dale and wants to honor him but he's his own person. He had his own radio show as a requirement for a communications course while attending High Point University. While listening to those few shows, I learned a lot about his personality. He truly loves his family and hanging out while fishing, hunting, watching football. He's just laid back, truly! 

What is special about Austin that makes me a fan of his is that from my personal experience with him he is one of those drivers that really care for the fans and he appreciates the fans and just his demeanor and the way he speaks to the media is a big plus and that at Bristol he is always doing different autographs appearances and he has from my point of view has never turned down an autograph request at least with me

Why should newcomers to the sport become Austin fans?

Photos by Becky Edwards
He's one of the "faces" of NASCAR and he will be for along time to come! He's funny, easygoing, and a great driver who will get unlucky break soon!

 HE realizes what an important part we as fans are to the sport and he appreciates it. Another thing that sticks out to me is that even though he drives for grandfather a lot of people think he got in the sport because of grandfather but to me he has proven that he has earned his spot in the cup series I have been fan of his since his truck days.

And finally if you could tell Austin one thing what would it be?

Just keep doing your thing, ignore the noise and the rest works itself out!! I'm so incredibly proud to call you my favorite driver since 2010 and you will be for life!!! #ADfanforlife3

I want to tell Austin that I'm happy to be a fan of yours and it is great seeing number 3 running up front

Austin Dillon Trivia
1. What year did Austin start his racing career in INEX Bandaleros?
Kristi: ?

2. Where did Austin finish in the 2016 NASCAR standings?
Kristi: 14th
Becky: ?

3. Where did Austin make his XFINITY Series debut?
Kristi: Richmond, 2008
Becky: ?

4. Austin drove in five different stock car series as an RCR development driver in 2009. Name them. Each will count as a point.?
Kristi: Camping World Trucks, Xfinity (Nationwide), K&N East, ARCA, ?
Becky: ?

5. In his rookie season of Camping World Truck Series competition in 2010, Dillon earned Rookie of the Year honors. Where did he finish in the standings?
Kristi: 5th
Becky: I believe he finished 6 in the standing

6. Dillon made his Cup series debut at Kansas Speedway in October 2011 driving an entry prepared by RCR, Who owned the car?
Kristi: Ronald Reagan Foundation
Becky: i believe it was who ever owns the 95 car today I don't think I can name owner

7. When Austin won his Truck Championship, how many top 10s did he have that season and what other award did he win?
Kristi: 10 And Most Popular Driver Award
Becky: Most popular driver

8. In 2013 , on his way t the Xfinifty championship, how many poles did Austin win and how many of those poles were consecutive?
Kristi: 7 and 4 were consecutive
Becky: ?

9. In 2013 Where did Austin start in his first Daytona 500?
Kristi: 8th
Becky: Started 1st (That was his second start in 2014)

10. in 2013, Austin won what inaugural Camping World Truck Series race?
Kristi: Eldora
Becky: It was Eldoria

Bonus 1
Name all 4 of Austin's wins in Xfinity in 2015.
Kristi: Las Vegas, Charlotte 2x, and hmm Daytona?
Becky: ?

Bonus 2
What non racing related sporting event did Austin take part in in 2002?
Kristi: Little League World Series
Becky: ?

Kristi With the bonus questions being correct missesd 2 total
Becky missed 8 no bonus

And Austin Dillon's biggest fan is Kristi McConnell! Congratulations!

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