Saturday, February 18, 2017

When Mother Nature and NASCAR Clash

8 PM I sit here, eagerly waiting the start of The Advanced auto Parts Clash at Daytona.  Knowing this will be my favorite driver, Alex Bowman's final race driving the 88, a sadness fills my heart! Why hasn't someone swept up this amazingly talented kid? What it wrong with these teams? I firmly believe Bowman will be a champion someday.

It's raining they say. Rain? Or is it Dale Earnhardt marking the 16 years since he left us with tears? So now we wait ans listen as they talk to drivers. I will be back to finish these thoughts if the race starts tonight.  If not, they are just meaningless words of a fan passing the time with rain.

9:47 PM It was just announced the race will be ran tomorrow at 11 am.  I guess we will try again tomorrow! Good night everyone!

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