Wednesday, February 15, 2017

New Season, New Direction

By Chanda Healton

With Daytona fast approaching, the racing world is gearing up to see major changes.  How will the fans react to the new rules? Well that's what we are here to find out.  As NASCAR prepares for the 2017 season,  the fans also prepare for new rules and even a new championship format.  Are you confused about the new rules? You aren't alone. The majority of the fans feel the rules are too complicated for the average fan!

Steven Loren Taylor Harris  says, "Why can't the point system go by the kiss rule:
NASCAR makes things so hard to understand that they don't even know what the rule is!"
Other fans such as myself feel it's a wait and see situation. 
Gerald Kelly says" It's too soon to tell."

So as we wait to see,  let me break down the new Monster Energy Premier Cup Series points for you. The races will be in 3 segments the first 2 will make up ¼ of the race each.  The last segment will make up the last ½ of the race.  Each segment will have a competition caution in between them.  This means should rain or darkness fall,  the first two segments could decide the race! Points for the first segment will descend from the first place driver receiving 10 points to tenth place receiving 1 point.  The final segment the winner will receive 40 points and it will descend by 1 point for each place thereafter.

When asked who will bennifit most from this style racing, Harris said "Kyle Busch! He is a wheelman and knows when to push the car to get those bonus points!"

Another thing to consider here is the fact we may not see much racing in the first 2 segments.  Many drivers will save their cats for the end of the race and play follow the leader.  Also throw fuel strategies right out the window net,  it will no longer be a factor!

Nick Vincent, who some of you may remember from last year, is a racer himself. He thinks this is  "Not real racing."

While Chuck Ellison believes there is a much darker reason for NASCAR's new rules,  "It's the equivalent to having a wrestling match in a steel cage. it doesn't do anything to the match other than add a gimmick.  Oh, and it might help NASCAR manipulate a few finishes."

Also announced waste rules taking drugs elsewhere who can't fix their cars on pit road within 5 minutes can't return to the track.  This will greatly hurt wreck victims who may come have come back for a top 20 finish. However I do not see this a a bad rule. 

If Matt Kenseth had not been allowed back on the track in 2015 at Martinsville,  then Joey Logano could have won the race instead of Jeff Gordon.  Had this happened,  I believe he would have been our champion.  I am all for this rule,  that is not too different from what IndyCar has in place already!  Leave us a comment on what drivers you feel the new rules will most affect.

With one day until the Clash,  the first race of the year,  The Daytona 500 is just 9 days away! This will be the 69th running of The Daytona 500 and a new era as The Monster Energy Premier Cup series.  I won't try to predict the race as many others do,  but I will be here the day after to provide you with fan insights into the racing world. 

*Disclaimer*  All opinions belong to that of the writer Chanda Healton and the fans she talked to.  Opinions do not reflect those inside the NASCAR world or to NASCAR itself.  If you would like to have your say please email Healton at or visit us on Twitter or Facebook.  Thank you.

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