Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Alan Elwood: Following In his Father's Tire Tracks

Alan Elwood has only been racing 4 years, bu with 8 feature wins he is a name o keep in mind when looking for future stars. At only 24, bu with his father behind him all the way, he is proof that racecar drivers are born with Gasoline in heir veins!

1) How did you get your start in racing? What series or tracks do you race frequently?

My racing career began back in the winter when I was able to locate the woman who had owned my dad’s previous kart from the 90’s. We struck a deal and was able to purchase the kart, to give to my dad for Christmas. We decided that the following year we would go out and, with me behind the wheel, try out some local racing. The class we tried out was clone racing at Cridersville Speedway and ran full time for 3 seasons. After which we decided to try asphalt racing over at New Castle and are running full time there this year.
2) Tell me a little about your car. Who sponsors you and what makes them special to you? What is your car number and how was that number chosen?

We run a 2012 arrow chassis and our primary colors are Blue and Green. We are sponsored by Performance Powder Coating, Bent Nail Ridge, Country Roads Photography, El Diablo Clutches, JSW Retirement Fishing, Acceleration Karting, Elwood Designs and South Graphics. Each sponsor has been very supportive of our efforts and come thru every day for us. We run the #5E on the road kart and #5 on the dirt kart. #5 is run by my favorite driver(s) Kasey Kahne and previously Terry Labonte.

3) What was the best advice you have been given in your career and who offered it to you?

I can’t say there’s been one bit of advice that sticks out, because there’s been so many great people that have offered up help as we’ve gone thru the last couple years learning.

4) What was the scariest moment in your racing career and did it affect you as a person or as a driver?

I wrecked the kart coming out of turn 4 at Cridersville and flipped over, resulting in a concussion. I was able to come back within a couple weeks and win the next time out. To this point I haven’t had any affects from it, which I feel very fortunate it wasn’t worse.

5) What has been your biggest moment in your racing career and how did it help you grow as a racecar driver?

Winning the clone lite division track championship at Cridersville Speedway in 2014. It gave me the confidence that we can do anything as a race team if we just stick with it.
6) What are your hobbies outside of racing and have they helped you focus on your goals as a driver?

Simulation racing, namely iRacing. Elwood Designs is my graphic design line that someday I hope to make into a business of its own. Taking opportunities to race in different forms of cars and different tracks. It gives me the chance to continuously grow as a driver and learn new information.

7) Who has been your biggest racing influence or supporter?

Both would be my family. The support line we have can’t be beat and we always pick each other up when the going gets tough. Along with my girlfriend Meghan. Although she hasn’t been around my whole career, it’s like she’s been there from the very beginning.
8) Would you compare yourself to a famous driver? If so who and why? Have you ever met them and did you talk about racing with you? If so what advice did they offer?

I wouldn’t say that I compare myself to anyone, I love having my own style and that’s what makes racing such an amazing sport

9) What advice would you offer to young drivers looking to get started in racing?

Never give up. You never know when the right opportunity will open up and give you the chance to live your dream. But never take for granted what is in front of you.

10) Where would you like your career to be in 10 years and what do you think it will take for you to get there?

I would like to be somewhere in the professional ranks, but honestly, if karting is where I’m at in 10 years, I’d says I’d be pretty happy. Racing is fun no matter the level, but it’s nice to have goals set and try to obtain them.


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