Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Justin Taylor

Interview by Michael Loomis

 Justin Taylor is a 24 year old driver out of North Carolina. Many thanks to Michael Loomis for getting this interview for us,

1) How did you get your start in racing? What series or tracks do you race frequently?

 Been racing since 2007 run go karts till 2011 then moved to the stadium. It all started when I run king of the concrete on a go kart I thought why not try asphalt in a car. So we tried Bowman Grey, yes it's fun cause of the fans but the political stand point it's not a real race track by no means.

2) Tell me a little about your car. Who sponsors you and what makes them special to you? What is your car number and how was that number chosen?

My car now is a 2006 Leight big spring truck arm car. Little more for giving on the long run. I sponsor myself with a couple little sponsors also have a big sponsor KOA of Greensboro.

3) What was the best advice you have been given in your career?

Biggest advice I have got in my career would probably have to be sometimes you have to slow down to go faster.

4) What was the scariest moment in your racing career and did it affect you as a person or as a driver?
 Really couldn't say I have had a scariest moment of my career yet

5) What has been your biggest moment in your racing career and how did it help you grow as a racecar driver?

Biggest moment was that first car win it wasn't easy and after that that kept coming.

6) What are your hobbies outside of racing and have they helped you focus on your goals as a driver?

 Outside of racing my hobbies consist of about anything you can think of swimming pools, my boat, softball, golf, and riding my four wheelers and razor. The four wheeler prob helps keep In shape for the racing the rest doesn't really affect if in my opinion.

7) Who has been your biggest racing influence or supporter? ? 

my biggest supporter is my dad probably the only person I can think of if I'm wrong he has my back if I'm right he still has my back he has always done everything he can to make sure we are there and try to be competitive. He is my best friend so I know when I go in the corner I know what he adjust isn't gonna just fly off
8) Would you compare yourself to a famous driver? If so who and why? Have you ever met them and did you talk about racing with you? If so what advice did they offer?

Compare to a pro driver I would hope Kyle Busch I got that really don't care attitude I will get back and 1 up but that's besides the point I'm never satisfied with second.

9) What advice would you offer to young drivers looking to get started in racing?

Be smart and do not race a bowman gray stadium go to a real race track ace caraway tri county.

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