Sunday, June 19, 2016

Tim Estenson: The Kid With A Dream

By Chanda Healton

Today is Father's Day, so I wanted to bring you a special Father's Day story from Fargo, North Dakota about a Father, son and their love for racing. Meet the Estenson family. Father Mark works the pit crew while 14 year old son Tim wheels the INEX Legend Car. Tim is no rookie though! After 6 years and a championship in Go Karts. Tim now races with the adults. He has 12 top 5 finishes and 4 top 10 finishes this season alone! The announcers at the tracks call him "The Kid" or "The Young Gun." Tim races at the race at 3 local tracks. 1)RRVS Red River Valley Speedway in West Fargo, ND. 2)

BRRP Buffalo River Race Park in Glyndon, MN. 3)Norman County Raceway in Ada, MN.

His mom, Marcy Estenson says "He races against men who have been doing this for 20+ years and is kicking their butts! He is so talented. It comes naturally for him and he is so humble about it. I don't think he realizes how good he is. He just loves to race. I believe he just needs to get discovered."

1) How has racing brought you together as a family?

Racing has really brought us together as a family. My dad, uncle Ken and uncle Tim all used to race cars and motorcycles when they were younger. When I started racing, my dad and uncle Ken became my pit crew. I learned a lot from them and now do some of the work on the my car myself. My Aunt Marcia (my Dad's sister) sponsors me and so does my uncle Ken and uncle Tim. We spend a lot of time together now because of my racing.(Except my uncle Tim. He's in Arizona)

2) Who are your sponsors?

1. Winmar Diagnostics - The Sleep Wellness Center in Fargo,ND. Owner Marcia Nelson (My Aunt)
2. Estenson Logistics in Tempe, AZ. Owner Tim Estenson (My Uncle Tim - Dad's brother)
3. Wheels Incorporated Fargo, ND (My Uncle Ken works here)

3) What are the most important lessons you have learned about racing from your dad?

The most important lesson I learned from my dad is just to have fun and if you bring the car back in one piece, it's always a good night.
4) How has racing so young affected your friendships or schooling?

Racing has affected my friendships because I don get to see my friends as much because I race 3 nights a week. When I am not racing, I am working on the car. As for school, sometimes I am late because I got home late from racing the night before.

5) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In ten years I will hopefully be driving NASCAR, but if not, I will keep racing the Legend or a Mod.

What are the most important lessons in life? I asked Mark what is the one thing Tim should always remember even if his racing dreams came to an end Mark said "If there is one thing I would like Tim to remember from racing even if he doesn't choose it for a living is to always try to do your best and have fun in anything you choose to do in life."

This sounds like some good fatherly advice to me! Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there! Remember, your dad would love to go to the racetrack for a night of fun! If that isn't possible? Well. ho about a car show then! 

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